Terror City Cube Survival

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From the ashes of chaos a hero will arise in Terror City Cube Survival. The devil incarnate has infiltrated your nation and claimed hostages from among those they did not kill. As your nation crumbles to ashes beneath their malevolent acts, circumstances demand you rise above it and become the hero everybody needs.✖DOMINATE THIS ACTION-FILLED CAMPAIGN✖What if there were thousands of terrorists in your country, living in your neighborhood, attending school with your children, erecting churches in your city and using a massive fast food and retail chains as a front for their deadly campaign?For more years than anyone can count, a plot against your nation has been calculated. An attack of massive proportions, which will blot out your government and rob the world of their free will. On an unassuming morning, one seemingly like all the rest, a series of planes are hijacked, government buildings are bombed and large cities claim hostages from average citizens to high profile government leaders. The world is plunged into darkness and despair as terror reigns supreme. The boarders have been shut down and there is nowhere to flee. Then, the president is captured. Chaos ensues as citizens rebel against terrorists and terrorists continue their total destruction of the lands. As commanding officers become victims at the hands of these diabolical masterminds, it falls to the next in command to uphold justice throughout the lands. You are this justice. A trained and acclaimed sniper, it is with you that any hope for the future lies.If these terrorist scum can be stopped, it must be by your hands. The battle ahead will be a bleak one, filled with uncertainties and aggressive challenges. Each step will potentially be your last and there is no guarantee of your survival. With each heart-pounding level, your fate seems increasingly grim, but you are a soldier through and through and you are not about to give up on your country yet. Free the hostages and destroy each enemy threats to restore peace and hope to the lands. You will race across diverse locations in your mission, all while wielding an array of advanced modern weaponry. Your challenge in to survive amidst these enemy attacks and eliminate all threats. Hordes of enemies will be attacking from all sides, but to open the portal to the next level, you will need to lock and load and immerse yourself in this most exciting FPS game available for download. This is the cool modern blockworld game you've been waiting for. This is Terror City Cube Survival.GAME FEATURES-✔Weapons - Knife, M1911, M4, MP5, Shotgun, Sniper, AK-47✔Ammo - M1911 ammo, M4 ammo, MP5 ammo, Shotgun ammo, Sniper ammo, AK-47 ammo✔Health Pack✔Classic pixel graphics and cool game animations✔Legendary and brutal maps✔Terrorist enemy variety✔User-friendly and effective control interface✔Run, shoot and collect amazing perks and weapons✔Survival mode 从混乱的骨灰英雄将在恐怖城立方生存产生。魔鬼的化身已经渗透到你的国家,并声称从那些他们没有杀死人质。当你的国家粉碎成灰其恶意行为之下,情况需要你超越它,并成为主角每个人都需要。✖DOMINATE这个动作充满CAMPAIGN✖如果有成千上万的恐怖分子在你的国家,住在你家附近,上学与您的孩子,教会架设在你的城市,并使用一个巨大的快餐和零售连锁店作为其竞选的致命一前?欲了解更多年比任何人都可以指望,对你的国家的阴谋已经被计算出来。巨大的比例,这将涂抹贵国政府和抢劫他们的自由意志的世界的攻击。在一个不起眼的早晨,这似乎像所有的休息,一系列飞机遭到劫持,政府大楼遭到轰炸和大城市声称,从普通市民到高调的政府领导人人质。作为恐怖至高无上世界陷入黑暗和绝望。该房客已经关闭,并有无处逃离。随后,总统被捕获。随之而来的乱作为打击恐怖分子和恐怖分子的公民叛军继续他们的土地绝收。随着指挥人员成为这些凶残的主谋手中的受害者,它属于命令旁边维护整个土地正义。你是这个正义。一支训练有素的狙击手广受好评,它与你对未来的希望所在。如果这些恐怖败类可以停止,那一定是你的手。战斗未来将是黯淡的,充满了不确定性和侵略性的挑战。每一步都将有可能是你最后一次,也没有你的生存的保证。每次心脏,冲击程度,你的命运似乎越来越严峻,但你是一个士兵通过,并通过和你是不是在你的国家放弃。释放人质及捣毁每个敌人的威胁,以恢复和平与希望的土地。你会在你的任务在不同的地点比赛,都同时挥舞着先进的现代化武器装备的阵列。在你的挑战面对这些敌人的攻击生存和消除所有威胁。成群的敌人会从四面八方来进攻,但打开门户到一个新的水平,则需要自己在这个最精彩的FPS游戏可供下载荷枪实弹,沉浸。这是你一直在等待着凉爽的现代blockworld游戏。这是恐怖城立方生存。游戏功能 - ✔Weapons - 刀,M1911,M4,MP5,散弹枪,狙击,AK-47✔Ammo - M1911弹药,弹药M4,MP5弹药,猎枪弹药,狙击弹药,AK-47弹药✔健康包✔Classic像素的图形和酷游戏动画✔Legendary和残酷的地图✔Terrorist各种敌人✔User友好的,有效的控制界面✔Run,拍摄和收集惊人的津贴和武器✔Survival模式
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