Marble Race

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Get the marble to the finish as fast as you can. Test your reflexes as you race down the hill. Control the marble with the gyroscope or virtual joystick. Avoid enemies and traps down on the race track.★ Unique colorful and charming levels each with specific theme (more will come with future updates)★ Exciting enemies and traps better to avoid★ Play with your friends or AI in Arena mode★ Leaderboards & AchievementsMusic: Jumper by Waterflame-----------------------------NOTICEI am glad that you like the game and I see there is not much content in the game. I am little more experienced now and I plan to release a new marble race with focus on more content ( read: much more better levels ). Commin Late December 2016If you have any question about the game hit me up at 获取的大理石到终点尽可能快地就可以了。测试你的反射,你比赛下山。控制与陀螺仪或虚拟摇杆大理石。避免敌人和陷阱下在赛道上。★每个独特的多彩和迷人的水平与特定主题(更会与未来的更新)★令人兴奋的敌人和陷阱,更好地避免★与您的朋友或AI竞技场播放模式★排行榜和成就音乐:通过跳线Waterflame-----------------------------注意我很高兴你喜欢的游戏,我看也没有在比赛中太多的内容。我多一点经验,现在我打算释放与重点更多内容的新的大理石赛(阅读:更多更好的水平)。 Commin 12月下旬2016年如果您对游戏有任何疑问打我的
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