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Karza Football Man. 2017 is a funny old-style football management game!You'll have to take the helm of a glorious team which is on the brink of failure.Will you be able to bring it back to its place in the football hall of fame?Possibly the most important characteristic of Karza Football Man. 2017 is that the game can be played almost forever, and every time the game will be completely different! Because it was a labour of LOVE for the good old-timey videogames, in Karza Football Man. 2017 you won't find ANY in-app purchase that blocks the advancement of the game.In other words, to be the best you won't have to pay, neither now nor in the future! In addition:- Look at the ANIMATED ACTIONS!!- Manage every aspect of your football team.- Begin from the 3rd division and go back to the premium league!- Adjust your strategy, formation and tactics.- Build custom modules, from a 3-3-4 to a 5-3-2!- Manage and expand your team's stadium and transform it in a temple of soccer!- View individuals players skills, statistics and contract details: pay attention also to their morale and fitness.- Train your players to improve your team.- Buy and sell players, negotiate their contracts.- Check out the transfer market for the best deals to create the strongest team ever!- Change at any time and as you like the name and the looks of the players, of the trainers and of the staff members!- Change the name and the emblem of every team in the game.- Improve the quality of your youth team: the higher it is, the more it will be probable to create new soccer stars.- Take part to two different cups: the National Cup and the Champions' Cup.- Manage your staff, a fundamental component of your team: there are nine types of professionals you can hire.- If you do not want the animated highlight (why not?) you can switch back to the full commentary of the match in real time.- Change your tactics or strategy in real time during the game and make substitutions.- Manage club finances and pay attention not to go negative.- Discover and conquer 42 different achievements!- Read the glorious history of your club!- Professional musics and sound effects made by Composer!- You can use multiple game profiles to manage your saved games.And best of all... IT'S FREE! Karza足球人。 2017年一个有趣的古式足球经营游戏!你必须采取一个光荣的团队,是在失败的边缘掌舵。你将能够把它放回原来的地方在成名的足球殿堂?可能Karza足球人的最重要的特征。 2017年,游戏几乎可以永远发挥,每一次比赛会完全不同!因为这是爱的好营造怀旧电子游戏劳动,在Karza足球人。 2017年,你不会找到任何应​​用程序内购买,阻止游戏的进步。换句话说,是你不会有付出,无论是现在还是在将来最好的!此外: - 看动画行动! - 管理你的足球队的每一个方面。 - 从第3师开始,回到保费联赛! - 调整你的策略,阵型和战术。 - 建立自定义模块,从3-3-4到5-3-2一个! - 管理和拓展团队的体育场和足球的圣殿改变它! - 查看球员的个人能力,统计数据和合同的细节:注意也给他们的士气和健身。 - 训练你的球员,以提高你的团队。 - 购买和出售球员,洽谈其合同。 - 看看转会市场上的特价机票有史以来打造最强的球队! - 在任何时候,只要你喜欢的名称和球员的长相教练员和工作人员,更改! - 更改名称,每一支球队在比赛的象征。 - 提高你的青春团队的素质:它是越高,越将有可能创造新的足球明星。 - 您可以参加两个不同的杯子:国家杯和欧洲冠军杯。 - 管理你的员工,你的团队的一个基本组成部分:有九个各类专业人员可以租用的。 - 如果你不想动画的亮点,你可以切换回比赛实时的全评(为什么不呢?)。 - 在比赛中改变自己的战术或战略在实时做出换人。 - 管理俱乐部财政,注意不要去负。 - 发现和征服42个不同的成就! - 阅读你的俱乐部的辉煌历史! - 专业的音乐和作曲家作出的声音效果! - 您可以使用多个游戏配置文件来管理您保存的游戏。最重要的是...它是免费的!
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