Don't Touch White 3D

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Travel down a 3D tunnel of black and white panels -- move forward by tapping the black panel closest to you - but you've got to be careful, tap a white panel and it's game over!Play for the best time in a fixed length tunnel, or try and travel as far as you can before time expires in a tunnel of infinite length! Cool 3D tunnel graphics will really pull you into this twist on a new style of game.Remember, don't tap the white panels on the walls!• Cool 3D graphics and effects• Simple and intuitive touch controls• Two different game modes• Share screenshots directly to Facebook, Twitter or email• Fun for all the family & ages• Compete with your friends or others with Google play integrationNow with different color sets for the panels! You can pick from the classic black and white, or some of the more crazy color schemes. So sometimes, it won't be Don't Touch White 3D, sometimes it will be Don't Touch Yellow 3D!Built with Unity 3D, featuring custom art and music assets. 旅行下来的黑色和白色面板的3D隧道 - 通过点击黑色面板最接近你前进 - 但你要小心,点击一个白色的面板,在它的游戏!在一个固定长度的隧道玩的最好时机,或尝试和旅行远,你可以在时间到期的无限长的隧道!酷3D图形隧道真的会拉你到这个扭曲的游戏新风格。请记住,不要拍打墙壁上白色的面板!•COOL 3D图形和效果•简单和直观的触摸控制•两种不同的游戏模式•直接分享截图到Facebook,Twitter或电子邮件•娱乐为所有的家庭和年龄•与你的朋友或其他人与谷歌整合发挥竞争现在用不同的颜色集面板!你可以选择从经典的黑色和白色,或者一些比较疯狂的配色方案。所以有时候,它不会是不要碰白3D,有时它会不要碰黄色3D!建成使用Unity 3D,定制为特色的艺术和音乐资产。
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