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*** Can you endure? *** ============================= Reviews == AppAdvice "The gameplay looks quite enjoyable, and it’s a perfect fit for the iPhone." TouchArcade "...the visuals look on par with the original..." IphoneActive "I love in my device IOS revive the classic games of my childhood." ================== Classic Games on iOS == Are you one of retro game lovers? What would games look like if the iPhone has been there in the 80's? What's your opinion? Would you like to experience retro gaming on the iPhone with its touch controls? NEMO GAMES is working hard to make your wish come true. ENDURO is one of those retro games and NEMO GAMES has been busy remaking ENDURO for the sake of retro lovers using their iOS Devices feature the very exact original game's theme and all its detail. ========================= About Enduro == ENDURO consists of maneuvering a race car in the National Enduro, a long-distance endurance race. The object of the race is to pass a certain amount of cars each day. Doing so will allow the player to continue racing for the next day. The driver must avoid other racers and pass 200 cars on the first day, and 300 cars with each following day. As time passes in the game, visibility changes as well. When the night is comming in the game the player can only see the oncoming cars' taillights. As the days progress, cars will become more difficult to avoid as well. Weather and time of day are factors in how to play. During the day the player may drive through an icy patch on the road which would limit control of the vehicle, or a patch of fog may reduce visibility. ================================= Tip == Your score is based on the distance you drive, so drive with higher speed to gain more score, and be careful not to hit other cars. If you hit others too much you won't be able to pass the required numbers of cars in each day and you'll fail... ======================== YouTube Video == http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmfMtktFE0U ***,你能忍受吗? ***=============================评论==AppAdvice“游戏看起来相当过瘾,为iPhone,这是一个完美的结合。”TouchArcade“的视觉效果看起来与原看齐...”IphoneActive“我爱我的设备的IOS,重振我童年的经典游戏。”==================经典游戏在iOS ==复古游戏爱好者之一?什么游戏会看起来像iPhone已经在80年代吗?你对此有何看法?您想体验复古游戏在iPhone上的触摸控制?NEMO游戏是努力使你的愿望成真。ENDURO是那些复古游戏之一,NEMO GAMES一直忙于重作ENDURO为了复古爱好者,用他们的iOS设备提供非常精确的原始游戏的主题和所有细节。========================= ==耐力赛中ENDURO由机动赛车在全国汽车耐力赛,长途耐力赛。比赛的目的是通过一定量的汽车的每一天。这样做将让玩家继续为第二天的赛车。驱动程序必须避免其他选手,并与每个次日传递的第一天,200辆和300辆。在游戏中随着时间的推移,能见度变化。当夜晚来了,在游戏中,玩家只能看到迎面而来的汽车的尾灯。随着日子一天天的进步,汽车将变得更加难以避免。天气和一天中的时间是如何发挥的因素。白天,玩家可以驾驶通过一个冰冷的道路上的补丁,这将限制对车辆的控制,可能会降低能见度或补丁的雾。=================================提示==你的分数是根据你驾驶的距离,因此具有更高的速度驾驶,以获得更多的得分,要小心不要撞到其他车辆。如果你打别人太多,你将无法通过所需的汽车数目的每一天,你会失败......======================== YouTube视频==http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmfMtktFE0U
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