World T20 Cricket Champs 2017

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Play World T20 Cricket Champs – 2017 cricket game for FREE. Choose your nation, select your best playing 11 team members and beat the best in the Cricket World! Playing for the T20 Cup is most satisfying achievement every cricketer dreams of! So, go ahead and hit those bowlers with your best Power Shots and Win the Cup for your Favorite team Now!Test Match lovers can now enjoy playing 4 different iconic test matches.5 Massive Modes of game play: Net Practice, Quick Match, Test Match, Tournament & Challenges Mode1) Net Practice Mode: Practice and get ready for ODIs, T20s and Test matches in this mode.a) Practice against 5 different types of bowlers: Fast, Medium Pace, Leg-Spin, Off-Spin and Swing bowlers. Earn coins by scoring against each bowler.b) Practice various bowling styles: Fast, Medium, Off Spin and Leg Spin against Left Hand and Right Hand batsmen. Knock their bails off and earn valuable coins.2) Quick Match Mode: Customize your match and play against any cricket playing country. You have a choice to play a 5 to 50 overs match. Experience a full-fledged One Day Match by batting and bowling for your team.3) Test Match Mode: Includes Quick Test Match and 4 Iconic Test match series!Play and Win all the iconic test matches. You can customize the length of a test match day by defining the number of overs per day from 5 to 90 overs per day. Bat and bowl for all 4 innings. Declare your innings when you wish to or give follow-on to your opponents when you are in a commanding position. Go ahead and experience the best of Test Matches.4) Challenges Mode: Earn Power Shots by completing the batting and bowling challenges. 5) Tournament Mode: This Mode includes 4 Different Tournaments to be won: Tri-Nation Challenger, Champion Series, World Master Cup & Premier League - 2017WORLD T20 CRICKET CHAMPS 2017 FEATURES: - Play ODIs, T20s and Test matches against top cricket playing nations, including India, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England, UAE, Ireland, Afghanistan, West Indies, Scotland, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and South Africa!- Simple gameplay. - 5 different types of bowlers to face: Fast, Medium Pace, Leg-Spin, Off-Spin and Swing bowlers.- Choose to hit straight down the ground, or play the ball on the off or leg side. - Time your shots, play with or against the spin. - Bowl as Fast, Medium, Off-Spin and Leg-Spin bowlers. Bowl Yorkers, Short balls and Spin the opponents out!- Dominate your opponents using your Power Shots, and WIN every match! - A dynamic bowling system ensures that no two matches are alike! - Knock the ball out of the park with a range of Power-Shots like Helicopter Shot, Dilscoop, Square Cut, Paddle Shot, Reverse Sweep and many more! - Great graphics and animations. - Cricket grounds with Day, Evening and Night time feel. - Record your own Career Stats. - Play as a captain and manage your own team.- Hire a Batting Coach or a Bowling Coach to improve your teams performance and help reduce the target scores whenever required.- Maybe hire a Bookie secretly for important matches to ensure a Win! ;-)About Games2win: We are a company that believes in creating great fun-filled games for people of all ages. We have more than 800 proprietary games on both online and mobile devices, including our smash hits like Parking Frenzy, BFF High School Fashion, Star Fashion Designer and Power Cricket T20. Today, we have 100 + million downloads of our apps and nearly 3 million gamers a month. And this is just the beginning!Contact us at for any problems you may have with World T20 Cricket Champs 2017.VISIT US: http://games2win.comFOLLOW US: US: 玩世界板球世界杯香榭丽舍 - 2017年的板球比赛免费。选择你的国家,选择你最好打11的团队成员,并在板球世界杯击败最好的!效力于T20世界杯是最令人满意的成就每一个板球运动员的梦想!因此,继续打保龄球那些与你最好的电力杆,赢得世界杯为您喜爱的球队吧!测试赛爱好者现在可以打4种不同的标志性的测试赛。玩游戏5块状模式:净实践,快速匹配,测试赛,锦标赛和挑战模式1)净练习模式:练习,准备ODIS,T20s和测试在此模式相匹配。快速,中等速度,腿,旋转,外旋和Swing保龄球:一)对5种不同类型保龄球实践。藉由得分针锋相对的投球手赚取金币。二)实践各种款式的保龄球:快,中,弧旋球和旋转腿打击的左手和右手的板球运动员。敲他们的保释关闭,赚取宝贵的硬币。2)快速匹配模式:定制你的比赛,并发挥对任何打板球的国家。你可以选择打5〜50接管比赛。通过击球和保龄球为您的团队体验一个完整的一天比赛。3)测试赛模式:包括快速测试赛和4个标志性的测试赛系列!播放和赢得所有标志性的测试赛。您可以通过从每天5至90旁白定义每天接管的数量自定义的测试比赛日的长度。蝙蝠和碗所有4局。申报时,你希望你局或给后续你的对手,当你在一个制高点。来吧,体验最佳的测试匹配。4)挑战模式:通过完成击球和保龄球挑战赢取力量拍摄。5)比赛模式:此模式包括4个不同的锦标赛来赢取:三国家挑战者,冠军系列,世界大师杯和超级联赛 - 2017年世界板球世界杯CHAMPS 2017特点: - 播放ODIS,T20s和测试对阵头号板球打国家,包括印度,澳大利亚,巴基斯坦,新西兰,斯里兰卡,英格兰,阿联酋,爱尔兰,阿富汗,西印度群岛,苏格兰,孟加拉,津巴布韦和南非的比赛! - 简单的游戏。 - 5种不同类型保龄球面对:快速,中等速度,腿,旋转,外旋和Swing保龄球。 - 选择打直降在地上,或玩球的关闭或腿侧。 - 时间你的镜头,玩或反对的自旋。 - 碗为快,中,外旋和腿自旋保龄球。碗纽约人,短球和旋对手了! - 用你的力量拍摄主宰你的对手,并赢得每一场比赛! - 动态保龄球系统确保没有两场比赛都是一样的! - 磕球出了公园与一系列电力射击像直升机射击,Dilscoop,平砍,桨击,反向扫描,还有更多的! - 伟大的图形和动画。 - 板球的场地,白天,晚上和夜间感觉。 - 记录你自己的职业统计。 - 发挥作为队长和管理自己的团队。 - 聘请教练击球或保龄球教练,以提高您的团队的性能,并有助于减少目标分数需要时。 - 也许聘请经纪人偷偷为重要的比赛,以确保胜利! ;-)关于Games2win:我们是在创造伟大的充满乐趣的游戏为所有年龄段的人认为,一个公司。我们有在线和移动设备上的800多个专有游戏,包括我们的扣球命中停车场一样疯狂,BFF高中时尚,明星时装设计师和电源板球T20。今天,我们有我们的应用程序的100多万的下载和近300万玩家一个月。而这仅仅是个开始!联系我们在androidapps@games2win.com你可能有世界板球世界杯香榭丽舍2017年的任何问题。请访问我们:http://games2win.com跟随我们:像我们这样的:
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