Idle Universe

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Create your own universe in this new addictive idle game!First, you have to gather matter yourself by tapping; but once you've got enough matter to create a couple of objects in your universe, these will produce more matter automatically by colliding.Features:• Create 31 different interstellar objects - from tiny particles to your own planets, galaxies and even more!• Unlock 21 unique Divine Powers!• Upgrade all of your objects in various ways! You will be given multiple options to choose from and you can make your universe unique to you!• Obtain Dark Matter and use special abilities like automatic tapping, speeding up collisions and many more!• Get even bigger with prestige! Every time you restart the game, you will obtain a antimatter, which can be used to buy permanent super upgrades!• Join the competition with leaderboards!• Get daily rewards!• Earn Achievements!• Original music by Ckavi!There're plenty of opportunities in the game - you can play for weeks and never get bored!Try our new idle game and create your very own universe :) 在这个新的令人上瘾的游戏闲置创建您自己的宇宙!首先,你必须收集通过点击自己的事;但一旦你有足够的事情来创建一对夫妇在宇宙中的对象,这些将碰撞产生更多的事情自动。特征:从微小的粒子到你自己的行星,星系,甚至更多 - •创建31个不同的星际物体!•解锁21独特的神圣权力!•升级你所有的物体以不同的方式!您将得到多个选项可供选择,你可以让你的宇宙独一无二的你!•获得暗物质和使用特殊能力,如自动攻牙,加快碰撞,还有更多!•报复声望大!每次重新启动游戏时,您将获得一个反物质,它可以用来购买永久性超级升级!•加入与排行榜的竞争!•获取每日奖励!•赚取的成就!•原创音乐Ckavi!这里是许多游戏中的机遇 - 你可以几个星期播放和永远不会觉得无聊!试试我们新的空闲游戏,创建你自己的宇宙:)
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